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bulletFirst I would like to remind everyone about the cheating issue:

THIS SQUAD DOES NOT USE CHEATS OR TRAINERS! Any member caught using cheats or trainers should imediatly be reported to their leaders who in return will relay the message to me. Here is the list of penalties that can and will be used:

  1. Asked not to use them

  2. Suspended for 3 weeks from all practices and games

  3. Banned from *ATD* forever (at least as long as I'm in control)


Next I would like to say that when a superior officer gives you a combat order you follow it unless of course his superior tells you not to.  If you have a question about an order, ask me or another officer with a higher rank than that of the person who gave you the order.


bulletUse the primary weapon you chose, if in doubt you should check the members page to see what weapon you chose. You can also use the secondary weapon you chose. If you would like to change your primary, Email me


Ranking System

Our squad is divided into 5 sections; recon/flag-runners, snipers, demolitions, assaulters, and defenders. Each section has a leader who is a ***** Gen. The more stars you have (up to 5), the more authority you posses. The section leader has certain members that he commands. The leader holds practices and even tryouts for the section they command. When the section leader thinks that their squad is ready for battle, they tell me and I organize teams based on the info they give me and set us up for battle. If you would like to contact a leader to tryout, you can do so by E-Mailing a the squad leaders at Use the following info in your Email by copying then pasting:




How well can you follow orders?


Anything else?